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WTOL Editorial: Our health care system is a blessing, let's not ruin it

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

I am getting my right knee replaced on Monday with a new one made of titanium.

The only thing I know about titanium is that when it became a component of golf clubs, it was supposed to allow us to hit the ball farther.

Well, I'm still waiting for those extra 10 yards on my drive.

The real point here is that when I tell people I am having my knee replaced the reaction is always the same. They say I will not believe how much better it will feel.

It seems perfectly natural and reasonable these days that a knee can be removed and replaced and everything will be fine.

It is incredible that surgeons can routinely replace joints, transplant organs and attach prosthetic limbs, and we accept it as normal. After all, it was not that long ago that we discovered penicillin.

The medical care in our nation is the envy of the world and a blessing.

I hope that when Congress is done fixing it, people who need the operations I talked about, are not left waiting in line for a year or more to get them performed.

We can and should make our health system better. I just hope we do not ruin it in the process.

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