For pete's sake, don't leave empty electronics boxes out on curb

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Really, folks, one of the least intelligent things we can do these days is to let others know just what we have in our homes.

And as folks clean up after Christmas, many have already started putting out their trash. And that could attract crooks.

In fact, on the day after Christmas few years ago, WTOL's crime expert retired TPD Sergeant Richard B. Murphy found some empty electronics boxes and other goodies outside of Crystal Kruzel's house.

"The box is here. The bad guy is going to come and see your box ad go.. eewww," explains Murphy.

"There's just boxes everywhere, boxes, wrapping paper, and the more kids you have, then the more stuff you have," said Kruzel.

Murphy says crooks will use her trash can to figure out all the new goodies she has inside her home.

Al Woerner says all the wrapping and boxes outside his home were from his grandchildren, who actually left on Christmas day.

"It's something, to be honest, you don't want to think about. You try and hold the holiday spirit and if they actually stopped in and broke in here, they'd probably feel sorry for me and leave me something because the kids took everything with them."

But once Murphy helped him realize there could be ramifications, he put the packaging back in his garage.

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