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Don't Waste Your Money: 9 things more expensive in 2011

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(WTOL) - Now that the economy is improving, businesses are doing what was unthinkable two years ago. They are raising prices on everything from airfares to chocolate, with consumers willing to pay a bit more again.

Now, a new report says you can look forward to price hikes on a number of other things next year.

James Smith doesn't buy it, saying "you get some good deals, but a lot of things are being hiked."

Other shoppers told me maybe government statisticians must never go grocery shopping, or haven't bought orange juice, cheese, or meat lately.

Holly Rice said "meat, particularly. I have 3 kids, and we spend a lot of money on food."

Many Things More Expensive

The website Deal agrees, and has just published a list of things that will be more expensive in 2011 due to rising wholesale costs right now.

At the grocery store, it lists coffee, chocolate, and bacon specifically.

At fast food restaurants, it says dollar menus are on the endangered list.

Deal News says we'll also see price hikes next year on water and sewer bills, from cash strapped cities.

Also around the house: VioP, or internet phone services is heading up due to new taxes.

And auto, homeowners, and health insurance.

And the cost of entertainment and travel is on the way up too.

You'll pay more for movie tickets, sports events, and video game systems: Nintendo's upcoming 3DS is expected to cost $300.

Expect to pay more for gasoline, which some analysts predict could soon be well north of $3 a gallon.

Hotel rates should continue rising as the economy improves.

Finally, the report says airfares will continue going up.

But don't worry about big price hikes on canned and frozen foods at the supermarket: They'll just continue to get smaller.

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