Crews demolish west Toledo movie theatre

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Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – Crews have begun tearing down the old Showcase Cinemas on Secor Road in west Toledo.

As of Friday morning, the cinema's lobby was virtually destroyed and the old blue and green polka dotted carpet tiles were laid in huge piles outside.

Walt Kanaval, a former patron, says it was easy for folks to get to because of its location and that the theatre showcased a wide variety of films.

"It's a waste of a good building," said Kanaval. "They could have used it for something else."

However, Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski disagrees.

In fact, Waniewski says water leaks inside of the building left it in bad shape. He also says the theater's seats had been damaged and that repairs would have been too costly for the building that just wasn't selling.

The price tag has dropped from more than $7 million to around $3 million and a potential investor pulled out within the last year.

"I wish I could see something here other than a retail strip again, you know and I talked to the neighbors around here and they'd like to see something unusual, something different," said Waniewski.

In addition to the loss of the theatre, Secor Road will also get repaved in 2011.

However, more importantly to the future of the old theatre property is the economy.

Waniewsk says getting loans for projects like this is tight.

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