6 decades later, MI soldier gets Purple Heart

Joe Bishop of Milford, MI (Source: WHMI.com)
Joe Bishop of Milford, MI (Source: WHMI.com)

MILFORD, MI (AP) - A Korean War veteran has finally received the Purple Heart he earned in combat six decades ago.

Joe Bishop of Milford was an Army private in one of the first units sent into South Korea after North Korea's invasion in 1950.

WHMI-FM says he was one of three soldiers operating a machine gun position when an enemy mortar round hit them, killing the other two. Bishop sustained shrapnel wounds, a broken nose and a concussion.

He was treated at a field medical unit and returned to his own unit after three days. He served until 1951.

The station says the military awarded the Purple Heart to Bishop but he didn't get notice.

It was pinned to his chest Tuesday in a ceremony at the American Legion post in Milford.

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