TPD officer helps boys stranded on Maumee Bay

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Posted by Nick Dutton - email

POINT PLACE, OH (WTOL) - Two boys are safe after a Toledo police rescued them from the ice on Maumee Bay near the 3000 block of 123rd Street in Point Place Thursday morning.

The boys walked out onto the ice Thursday morning to check some fishing holes they had drilled near the island.

Their mother knew they were headed onto the ice, but after they were out there for a while she lost track of them. She worried that they had fallen through the ice and called 911.

When police and fire crews arrived, an officer walked out onto the ice and brought the boys back to shore.

"The thickness could vary going all the way across they could hit a pocket and go down and not be able to get back up with the freezing temperatures and the freezing water," said Toledo Police Department  Lieutenant Tim Meyers. "Therefore, I thought it was necessary that somebody go looking for them."

A Coast Guard officer says folks who are going out on the ice should remember to always wear a life jacket and think of the acronym ICE: intelligence, clothing, equipment.

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