Cleveland parents call out Superintendent Sanders resignation

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - He's quitting and now some Clevelanders want to know why.

Upset parents and community activists are demanding answers about the resignation of superintendent, Dr. Eugene Sanders.

At the monthly Black-on-Black crime meeting Wednesday night, the group said Dr. Sanders owes Cleveland and the kids an explanation. Many think he's lying about why he's stepping down as CEO and they're calling him on it.

Sanders rolled out a grand transformation plan, closed some schools and right when the going gets tough it seems he got going.

"All for this transformation plan, something you asked them to believe in, the parents to believe in, and for you to forsake us? It's almost as if you don't believe in your own plan."

The members of Black-on-Black say the next problem is that Mayor Jackson has control of who will replace Sanders.

They're asking the governor to step in and see to it that the community helps pick the next CEO.

WTOL has learned Sanders applied for the position of Bowling Green State University president.

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