Holiday stress could lead to depression

By Melissa Voetsch - bio | email | Facebook

Posted by Nick Bade - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) -  The holidays are a happy time, but the stress and expectations can lead to depression, doctors say.

"Movies and commercials have everyone gathered around the table and everyone should be happy," says clinical psychologist Linda Myer-Holtz. "That's really not realistic for most families."

Dr. Myer-Holtz says the best way to avoid holiday stress is to have realistic expectations. "There's not need to create a seven course meal that creates a lot of stress and tension."

"Keep it simple," Dr. Myer-Holtz says, "so that you can enjoy the people in your life."

Even doing all of these things, some people will experience a "crash" after the holidays.

Dr. Myer-Holtz says if you find yourself slipping into depression and it doesn't improve for a week or two, see a doctor.

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