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WTOL Editorial: Let's get it done with the commissioner's race

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

The Lucas County Commissioner's race between Carol Contrada and George Sarantou has had its share of controversy.

Mr. Sarantou was declared the unofficial winner on election night. That result was changed when the provisional ballots were verified and counted, which officially completed the voting process.

This should have resolved the matter, but that vote was so close the entire vote had to be re-counted. Ms. Contrada won the re-count by about 190 votes, confirming the official result.

Mr. Sarantou has challenged the result in court, which he told me was all about preserving fairness. Ms. Contrada told me she has followed election procedures and this should be about honoring the voter's choice. She too, is concerned with fairness.

The voters deserve a speedy resolution. But I don't think that is going to happen. In the end, we all need to know and believe that the process of counting votes in Lucas County is above reproach. It sounds simple, but clearly it is not. Let's find a way to get that done and move on.

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