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Poco Piatti's Cabbage Rolls

Poco Piatti Cabbage Rolls

Prepare Cabbage:

-     Start with a pot of boiling water

-     Cut out the heart of a head of cabbage

-     Drop cabbage into boiling water and cook for a few minutes until cabbage softens and falls

-     Start pulling cabbage from the water

Prepare Stuffing:

-     1 lb of uncooked ground lamb

-     ½ lb rice (soaked in hot water for 20 minutes)

-     Tablespoon of cinnamon

-     Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare Rolls:

-     Cut cooked cabbage to desired size

-     Place stuffing inside cut cabbage and roll tightly


-     Layer bottom of pot with cooked cabbage scraps

-     Layer cabbage tightly in the bottom of the pan

-     On top of each layer of cabbage pour 1 cup of tomato juice, 1 tbsp fresh chopped garlic, 1 tsp dried mint or fresh mint

-     Cook in pot for ½ hour to 45 minutes on low

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