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High Risk?: The Secret of Strokes

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(WOIO) - One minute, she's playing with her kids and the next, she's fighting for her life.

How could a young and seemingly healthy mother fall victim to a stroke?

Stacy Tutak is a dedicated mother of four who had a stroke.

Stacy was rushed to Elyria Memorial and after a series of tests, a team of neurologists at  University Hospitals quickly diagnosed her. One of her arteries was torn.

"On her C.A.T. scan we could actually see a clot," said Dr. Anthony J. Furlan, M.D., Chairman, Neurology University Hospitals.

Doctors began clot-busting therapy to save her brain.

A few days later Stacy's husband Joe said he received troubling news.

"The doctor came in and said she may never be able to talk again, may not be able to walk again, probably won't be able to use her arm," said Joe Tutak.

But with prayer and the help of physical therapists, Stacy started to improve.

"She couldn't walk without walker, need someone to hold onto her, her speech, had a hard time with word finding. She knew what she wanted to say but she couldn't spit it out," said Mercy Physical Therapist Barb Hendershot.

Stacy learned to walk, run and even talk again.

"She taught me the names of my kids. I remembered them but I couldn't get them out," Stacy said.

In addition to helping his wife get better, during the whole ordeal, Joe lost his job. 

If you'd like to help this deserving family you can do so by donating at any 5/3 Bank.  The account is called "For The Benefit Of Stacy Tutak," and people can go into any branch and tell them it's in their Great Lakes Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Area benefit account listings, and contribute.

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