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Somber Day: Anthony Sowell's House of Horror revives painful memories on 1st Anniv.

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Anthony Sowell is accused of turning his home into a killing ground and for people living on Imperial Avenue, that "House of Horror" still brings painful memories.

Many folks are still in utter disbelief, how so many women could have disappeared under the radar, and how their bodies and remains were in that home so long, without anyone knowing.

Gone but not forgotten could be the theme of Friday night's vigil remembering the 11 women murdered by a serial killer.

"It's been hell on us, my sister was taken from us."

A year has done nothing to cool the anger felt by many activist's over the way authorities handled the serial killings.

"We don't believe that had these not been black this would not have occurred."

All the victims were black women, most were poor and many were substance abusers and that's why protestors believe they were given low priority status among law enforcement.

"I definitely say not enough progress has been made."

Robert Cunningham, living one door down from where the accused serial killer used to live says their neighborhood needs a new beginning.

"We need to tear down the house and decide what to do after that."

Aubrey Webb whose sister Janice was one of the women killed inside of this home says the house should go too.

"Tear it down, burn it down, anything."

The remains of 11 women were pulled from the house or Imperial Avenue property.

The grim story made international headlines.




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