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WTOL 11 Investigation: The Safety Bullet

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new product claims it has the solution to keeping children safe from the accidental shooting deaths that happen.

It's called the Safety Bullet.

It is a bullet casing, but no bullet, just plastic.

The idea is if kids find a loaded handgun lying around, the company says the Safety Bullet will help prevent accidental shootings by making the gun useless if the trigger is pulled.

However, some crime and gun experts are not so sure the Safety Bullet is safe for your family.

WTOL 11 News showed how the Safety Bullet works to local NRA certified gun instructor Tom Urbanski. He says the company recently contacted him about the Safety Bullet.

He says even the most trained gun experts would have a hard time remembering that there's a Safety Bullet in the gun.

"When someone's trying to attack you, your brain shuts off. Your fear factor takes over. And you're not going to remember to jack rounds out of that gun," Urbanski said.

Urbanski's talking about the way the bullet works. If it's in a gun when it's fired, it jams up the works. If an intruder breaks into your home and you need a gun fast, you're supposed to eject the plastic bullet and load a real one.

Findlay gun dealer Roger Thomas from TNT Firearms sells the Safety Bullet, two for $18.50. He thinks it's a good product. "This would just ensure that hey, if they [kids] do pull the trigger it locks the gun up and there won't be any accidental shootings in the home."

Steve Keckler is a parent who has handguns and young children. He says, "We're definitely going to buy the product and use it at home because I really think it's going to be a good safety feature for everybody."

WTOL 11'S Crime Expert Retired Sgt. Richard Murphy doesn't like it. After watching a demonstration, he says there are gunlocks that work just fine, and he would not recommend the Safety Bullet to anyone.

"Why produce something more that's just going to make the gun completely inoperable and if you need it, it isn't going to work?"

Some have argued you need to have quick access to a loaded gun when an intruder is in your home and when seconds could mean life or death. Gunlocks make you search for a key.

Urbanski recommends gun safes that will only read your fingerprint. "All you have to do is lay your finger on that box. It opens immediately and you got that gun in your hand."

Whether it's the Safety Bullet, gun locks, or gun safes, everyone agrees responsible adults are the absolute key ingredient in keeping children safe around guns.

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