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WMBF sits down with Drexel family, investigators concerning missing teen

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – New developments in the case of missing New York teenager, Brittanee Drexel, have led police to a person of interest, but the 19 month old case is still unsolved.

Drexel's story gained national attention after the 17-year-old visited Myrtle Beach during spring break of 2009, and was never seen again.

Drexel and her friends were staying in the Bar Harbor Hotel along Ocean Boulevard that week in April. Drexel was caught on a surveillance camera around 8:15 p.m., Saturday, April 25, 2009, walking along the boulevard to visit friends staying at the Bluewater Resort.

Drexel was then recorded on the hotel's surveillance camera some thirty minutes later leaving the Bluewater Resort, returning to her hotel approximately 20 blocks away.

Somewhere within that 20 block walk, something would go very wrong, leaving police, family, and friends trying to put together the pieces of how Brittanee Drexel seemingly vanished.

Police received hundreds of tips concerning Drexel's whereabouts, all of which turned out to be nothing more than a dead end.

One year after their daughter, granddaughter, and sister went missing, the Drexel family returned to Myrtle Beach to participate in a one year vigil, and try to shed more light on Brittanee Drexel's disappearance.

Police have only recently said where the investigation stands and how they believe the case will unfold, leading to arrests.

WMBF's Laura Thomas sits down with investigators Thursday night at 6 p.m. to uncover the new details and speaks to the Drexel family on what they believe happened to their fun-loving teenager over one year ago.

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