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Big Top Donut: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(WTOL) - It was just about seven months ago when some students helped test the Big Top Cupcake. Now, it's time to test the Big Top Donut and we're getting some help from students once again.

The third graders dump in all the ingredients for your basic yellow cake mix into the donut molds we lightly greased. When we're done, our donuts should turn out cake-style and quite large.

After 20 minutes, we rotate the batter and continue. We're making a chocolate donut with sprinkles just like the box shows.

"Obviously it needed more spray. This can all be fixed with icing," said teacher Stacy Triller.

Our Big Top Donut looks more like a big top volcano. We followed the directions, but should have added more cooking spray so it wouldn't stick.

We'll admit we could've waited a bit longer for this to completely cool.

"What a great way to get kids in the kitchen with you," said teacher Stacy Triller.

"It's good. It doesn't matter it's not shaped like a donut," said student Gabriel. "I'd give it a B+ or an A-."

However, we could have achieved the same results with a regular Bundt pan. Still, the $20 Big Top Donut earned a B+ on this Does it Work test.

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