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Monroe girl makes video to stop bullying

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MONROE, MI (WTOL) – Many kids worst fear is getting picked on and bullied at school, so Raisinville Elementary School students watched a video about respecting their classmates Monday.

Student Liz Hoffman, a sixth grader at the school, wonders if the program will show bullies that are bullying other people is wrong.

Dawson Czarnik, another sixth grader, says he hasn't seen bullying happen directly, but says that he does feel bad for students that are walking alone and don't have friends.

Bullying caught the attention of Madison McElvany, a third grader at Custer Elementary in Monroe, after Madison saw a girl getting picked on for the clothes she was wearing.

As a result, she and her mom decided to make a music video to document the experience.

"What's the point in doing it?" said Madison. "If you're just trying to hurt people's feelings, then why do you do that?"

It's this type of proactive approach administrators say needs to happen if they can really make a difference and combat bullies.

"I'm so proud of them and really they are such amazing kids that I'm confident that we really are going to help each other and become one strong community," said Raisinville Elementary Principal Mary Ann Cyr.

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