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WTOL Editorial: Bed bugs are no laughing matter

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

Don't let the bed bugs bite used to be funny thing to say, but not anymore as bed bug infestations across the U.S. are on the rise.

Since folks travel just about anywhere these days, we are bringing these disgusting parasites that feed on human blood and can live a year without a meal, into our homes.

To make sure you don't bring bed bugs to your home, check hotel rooms very carefully before carrying luggage inside. The most obvious sign is spotting on the mattress and bed linens.  

Bed bugs are flat, brown and about the size of an apple seed -- and look like ticks, but move much faster.

Also, make sure to inspect draperies, carpet tack boards, inside drawers and even around picture frames.

When you return home, take suitcases, purses and briefcases into the laundry room and check for the little hitchhikers.  

Clothing from rummage sales and thrift shops should be laundered in hot water and machine dried on high for at least a half-hour.

If you suspect an infestation — maybe you have a rash or skin irritation – contact a professional pest control company immediately.  

These pests can be controlled, though it's not easy.

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