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Podee Hands-Free Bottle: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

BLOOMFIELD, MO (KFVS) - Kellie Fewell is a mom on the go.

"I have three kids. We travel a lot...a lot. So, trying to prop a bottle up in a car, you turn a corner, it slides off, no matter how slow you go."

When she spotted a product called the Podee, she snatched it off store shelves.

"They just drink all they want and usually fall asleep. It's like a straw."

A straw for your baby's bottle, that is.

"I made my baby a bottle awhile ago, and look--he's leaning forward and wants this now!"

Sure does. Nine month-old Seth knows exactly what to do. The Podee feeding system is hands-free. You string up the tubing, which there are a lot of parts to this, so don't be overwhelmed.

Pour in the formula, juice or milk, and the child holds it in his or her mouth like a pacifier.

"He loves it."

Let's get serious.

----This is only intended for babies six months and older who can grip objects on their own.

----They must sit in an upright position while feeding, like in a swing or carseat.

----Parents, it can't be stressed enough. This is an aid. It's not a babysitter! Put this in the crib or walk out of the room, and you could be sorry...very sorry.

"It can strangle them. It's meant for babies who can sit up and hold onto it, and drink out of it!" stresses Kellie.

"Keep an eye on them. This is just an easier way to feed them," she said.

So, Kellie's got the right idea. The Podee frees up her hands to do household chores or drive, while she still watches Seth closely.

"I'd give it an A!"

I hesitate to give such a glowing review just yet, knowing if this gets in the wrong hands, this product is not a good idea. Again, follow the directions and you'll be pleased, but still keep watch over your child!

The $18 Hands-free Podee twin-pack keeps us full and content with a good grade 'B' on this Does it Work test.  You can buy it at Toys 'r' Us.

Kellie also offers these tips.

You can only use the cleaning brush the Podee comes with. When you're mixing up the formula, hold onto the end of the cap or the fluid will leak through the tubing. Also, she says other nipples do work with the system if your child doesn't like the ones offered in the Podee-twin pack. Speaking of twins, Kellie agrees with the product makers, this would be ideal for any parents feeding multiples.

She reminds us, this feeding system is ideal for certain situations. Nothing can take the place of the nurturing and bonding that goes on when mom or dad is feeding baby.

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