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WTOL Editorial: Next governor should be kick-butt, hard-nosed business person

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

Ohio's governor, Democrat Ted Strickland, faced off in a debate of sorts this week, with Republican John Kasich. As debates go, this one was duller than most.

I just wish both candidates would sit at the table and ask each other tough questions – or at least be required to offer specifics instead of making comments like "I will bring more jobs to Ohio."

I mean, that's great, but I just want to know specifically how they plan to do it.

Speaking of jobs, Strickland focused on jobs lost due to NAFTA while Kasich repeated that Ohio has lost five times as many jobs to other states than they have to other countries. 

I wanted to know why that was and what each candidate would specifically do about the job losses if elected governor. 

Both also spent way too much time on anecdotal story telling. Who said we wanted our governor to be the "folksiest" guy around?  

I want our next governor to be a kick-butt, hard-nosed business person who realizes that we don't need more taxes, we need more jobs. 

And if the jobs really have gone to other states, then I want to know how we're going to get them back.  Do that and he can "aw shucks" all he wants – and he'll get my vote.

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