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Does it Work Wednesday - Kymaro Body Shaper

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(WTOL) - Who wouldn't want to try this on for size? Kim Johnson of Bloomfield volunteered to try the new Kymaro Body Shaper. It promises to make you look 10-20 pounds slimmer instantly.

"Hopefully, it'll work!" she said.

She's tried just about everything and still wants something else to help smooth out her look.

"And not roll up. Sometimes these things, you sit down and they roll up. So, that's not comfortable. You don't want it squashing anything out somewhere else!" she laughed.

Here we go! Kim tries on the Kymaro, and I immediately see a difference in her appearance.  While it doesn't show up as well on camera, in person things look a lot smoother. We have proof, too. I measured Kim's waistline before and after trying on the body shaper. Our markings show the Kymaro took about a half-inch off her middle.

"I can still breathe. Still comfy."

Most importantly, she says, this smoothes her look. Plus, she has no trouble sitting and standing in it either.

"It gives you a lift, and your posture--I stand up straighter and it looks a lot smoother. I really do like it, and even better than the Spanx I currently have."

Kim also likes way the Kymaro fits. It doesn't cover her chest, it allows for a little skin to show on her back, and doesn't cover her thighs, thus restricting bathroom use. However, it did not completely live up to its promises.

"Yeah, it didn't up to those claims! I don't look 10 to 20 pounds lighter, but it did smooth."

I like that the $30 price is comparable to other body shapers on the market.

"I'm saying B+. I really do like it."

Ok, we'll turn our heads a bit to the outlandish claims in hopes of offering you a body shaper that might actually suck you in but not make you uncomfortable. The Kymaro tucks away a"B+. It's avaialble at WalMart and several other stores.

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