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Shout Color Catcher: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO  (KFVS) -Common sense tells us you don't mix colors and whites in the laundry, but we're going to. That's exactly what the makers of Shout Color Catch do in their commercial,  all to prove the sheets keep your colored fabrics from running and ruining your laundry.

The directions say if you have a brand new garment, like Kathy Briddick and I do, you should put in an extra sheet to be safe.

We have a brand new pair of red shorts and a children's white tee. Next, add in your detergent as normal. We'll see if this comes looking like one big pink mess. We're starting to think so, after Kathy transferred the wash to the dryer.

"But after it dried, it really whitened up."

The sheets are pink, proving they caught some of the dyes. So, does the clothing match?

"It worked! I am impressed. Brand new red, brand new white--there's the color. I really thought there'd be red on here."

We're both pretty shocked...

"We did worse case scenario--brand new red and white. I think if it pulled that off, it's gonna be ok on stripes or anything else."

In fact, I had Kathy and some of her family members all use the sheets in several loads, including striped clothing. Every time, the clothes washed and dried color runs.

"It's good. I think it'd be ruined without it."

Now let's talk practicality. Kathy says she's still going to separate her laundry and thinks families will, too. However, she sees some advantages to having these sheets on-hand.

"My husband and I are the only ones here, so I do small loads. It'd be convenient when you don't have a lot of laundry and you don't want to separate, only when you need to do some."

So, at $3 a box for 24 sheets, is Kathy a new fan?

"I'd give it an 'A'. I would! It worked. There's the proof."

The Shout Color Catcher traps colors and dyes and an excellent grade 'A' on this Does it Work test.  Also, Kathy used it in several loads including clothes with stripes---it worked every single time.

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