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Millbury's Main St. rebuilds after tornado destruction

Before... Before...
and after. and after.
Millbury, Ohio -

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MILLBURY, OH (WTOL) - It's been almost three months since the deadly June 5 tornado ravaged Millbury.

On Main St., three people lost their lives. Homes were destroyed, possessions and memories scattered.

Now, things are drastically different. The noise of construction vehicles and hammers pounding comes early in the morning.

While the cacophony might annoy some, here it's a welcome sound.

In the past couple of weeks, frames of at least four new homes have gone up. Electrical systems are in. Spirits are soaring.

Traci Lender couldn't resist bringing her son to their new home Thursday night to check the progress.

"We're excited! We're sick of living in rental property and just everything is coming up and it looks really good," Lender said.

It's a time of mixed emotions for the Lenders. They live right across the street from the Walters family, that lost three of four members when the tornado hit.

"They were good neighbors and we'll ... miss the neighbors that didn't come, back but I know we'll get new neighbors and they'll be young and it will be fine," Lender said.

Marie Dunaway is documenting the neighborhood's comeback. Her home has already been repaired and now she's ready for company.

"The trusses got on at 6:15 in the morning, the crane was lifting the bathtubs in and it's a sign that we're going to have neighbors again," Dunaway said. "We're not going to be defeated."

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