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Flag Saver: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO  (KFVS) - After five months of testing, here are the results of the Flag Saver test.

"This thing's been through rain and wind, sometimes even 40-55 mph winds," said tester Wendell Watkins.

The acrylic Flag Saver piece promises to divert enough wind keep the flag from fraying and lasting longer.

"I'm real pleased with it. I'm surprised at it myself."

After five months of testing, the flag still looks like it's in mint condition. Wendell says he can tell a difference between having the Flag Saver piece on and not. He compared it to his neighbor's flags.

"The flag over at the senior center would be completely out. This one barely. The conditions might be different, but I think this works."

Remember, it's designed to work on poles with a pulley system to clip the flag in place. It will not work on poles where you simply slide the flag over the pole. Wendell and I realize there will still be some "naysayers" who don't believe this piece actually cuts down on some of the wind getting to the flag. He says you just have to try it.

"It'd have to be a hurricane or a tornado to tear it up."

Wendell wishes he would've had something like this years ago, it might have saved him from buying the new flag and his original Old Glory from fading.

"I'd say it works. I'd give it a grade 'A."

After several months of testing, multiple thunderstorms, and high winds we proudly salute the $48 Flag Saver with an 'A' on this Does it Work test. You can only buy the Flag Saver online at www.theflagsaver.com   It ranges in price from $48 to $72, depending on the size of the flag.

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