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Rejuvenate 15-minute Wash & Wax Kit: Does it Work?

By Lauren Keith - bio | email

(WTOL) - Makers of Rejuvenate 15-minute Wash and Wax Kit say folks do not need water and that they can wash and wax their dirty car a short amount of time.

Tester Kyle Aufdenberg is a big car buff and loves Mustangs.

He is a bit skeptical about the product, so we decide to use it on our station car.

"I'm noticing it does work. It'd be a quick touch-up, but after you spray it on, it leaves streaks. You have to buff it," said Aufdenberg.

The car does look cleaner, but when we simply run a dry cloth over it, there is not much difference between the side sprayed with Rejuvenate and that side.

Aufdenberg says what we really need is a good scrub brush.

However, this product redeems itself a bit when we use it on bugs. After all it says it eliminates those, too.

But so does regular water and soap. As predicted, Kyle and I know you just can't replace old-fashioned elbow grease for a true, wash and wax shine.

Still, Rejuvenate has at least two advantages: it's portable and a quick fix.

"If you're out on the road and a bird drops on your car, you don't' have a wet cloth with you, you can just pull this out, spray it on and go," said Aufdenberg.

So, throw it in the trunk when you're in a jam and want the wheels to look nice, but otherwise, grab the bucket or head to the car wash.

"Considering all that, I'd give it a D," said Aufdenberg.

Overall, the $10 dollar product does work, so the 15-minute Rejuvenate Wash and Wax kit earns a D on this Does it Work test.

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