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Millbury neighbors sticking close together after tornado

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Posted by WTOL intern Tim Clagg

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Village of Millbury was hit hard by the tornado the night of June 6-7, houses destroyed and lives lost. Construction has begun to get the streets of Millbury being normal once again.

Many homes in Millbury still look like they did in the days that followed the tornado in Lake Township.

Steve Miley and his wife bought a house from an elder gentlemen, but they have decided to sell it. The Miley home is one of the houses that didn't suffer complete destruction but it still needs an overhaul.

Dave Dunaway's home was just barely spared as the tornado ripped fellow neighbors' homes down. Dunaway said, "When we get down we look out the back window and see what our neighbors are having to deal with."

Dunaway says the healing process for this tight-knit neighborhood will be a long one, but one that will only draw them all closer together after this tragedy.

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