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North Toledo residents speak out about arsons

By Dick Berry - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo's latest arson at 2030 Ontario in north Toledo is the 80th suspicious fire since the beginning of 2010 -- and residents of the area are concerned.

Officials say the firebug broke into the house, doused the basement stairwell with gasoline and set it on fire.

Residents of Ontario Street are worried. They say the place has been vacant for 10 years, which has caused other problems, too.

"Rats out in the alley," complained Faye McGary. "People going into the backyard and into the house, doing drugs in there."

Neighbors count at least 10 empty houses still standing  in the area. 

Georgia Arnold has lived on Ontario since 1985. She's seen the neighborhood rapidly deteriorate and is afraid to leave her house at night. She  blames the blight and increased arson incidents on absentee landlords.

"People used to own these houses. It was real nice. They kept them up. Every house on this block was nice. Now it's all rental property."

Residents say they are concerned that the arsonist will hit again.

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