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Chief Wolever: Mayor Bell may try to raise reward for arsonist

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The latest house set ablaze in a suspicious manner by suspected arsonist(s) in east Toledo is at 614 Oak St.

Neighbors say they won't sleep well until the arsonist is caught.

In the last two weeks, fires have been set at several vacant homes near Oak and Woodville.

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell may try to increase the $10,000 reward money to bring the arsonist to justice. Fire Chief Mike Wolever says if the mayor can increase it, that could be the extra incentive needed to get this firestarter snuffed out.

Although so far all the homes have been vacant, people are still getting hurt. Chief Wolever says one of his men was injured in Wednesday's fire.

"Our guys are getting hurt. They are hot days, it takes a toll on everybody, and it's got to stop," Wolever said.

Tito Colmenero lives two doors down from Wednesday's fire. He says it's at least the third vacant house fire nearby in recent days.

"I'm just going to be aware of whatever goes on. I'm going to call the cops if I have to," Colmenero said.

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