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WTOL Editorial: New superintendent, same old TPS problems

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

So the Toledo Public School system finally has a new superintendent, Dr. Pecko.

For some reason, this hire feels anti-climactic; it just took too long to pretty much get back to where we started. And it is still the same school board.

I would like to be optimistic and say a new guy will initiate some new thinking. It would be nice if he is granted a break-in period where he is given plenty of support. It would be helpful if the board agreed to set aside any previous board battles so it could offer Dr. Pecko a clean tablet upon which to write.

But school starts in about five weeks, and the same old problems will remain unsolved when Dr. Pecko opens his office door for the first time.

I wish Dr. Pecko the best of luck. I hope he brought plenty of Alka-Seltzer.

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