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5 tips to help you stay cool all summer long

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As the possibility of record high temperatures could take place this week, here are some simple ways to beat the heat.

  1. Do eat small meals, eat often and eat spicy food like curries and chilies, which will make you sweat and lower the body temperature. Eating large meals can increase your body's heat as it works to break down food. Don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks as both dehydrate the body, but drink lots of water.
  2. Run your wrists under cool water for five seconds to help cool the  the body.
  3. Try taking a cool shower, but don't let the water get too cold. Your body will work to try to compensate for heat loss if the water is too cold.
  4. Try putting your sheets in the refrigerator. It sounds strange, but cold sheets will help lower your body temperature.
  5. Visualize snow. That's right, snow. Research shows the body reacts to daydreams and can help reduce the overall body temperature. 

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