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2 sisters recount losing their mother in the tornado

Amy and Jennifer Hammitt Amy and Jennifer Hammitt

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LAKE TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - It was June 5. Amy and Jennifer Hammitt were driving on 795 after visiting their father in the hospital in Oregon, to which he'd been admitted the day before.

The sisters were driving about 10 feet behind their mother, Kathy, who'd also been to see their father, the love of her life. The cars were traveling down 795 in Lake Township when the storm kicked up, seemingly suddenly.

What happened next, they'll likely never forget: The tornado picked up their mother's car and tossed it about 50 yards.

"I just remember screaming for my mom, trying to figure out how we were going to get out of that car," Amy said.

First responders arrived and told the women to stay in their car. They told the sister their mom had been killed.

"It was gutwrenching, like getting hit by a Mack Truck and falling off a cliff all at the same time," Amy said.

The women tried calling anyone they could on their cell phones. "We just needed connection with the outside world," Jennifer said.

The sisters described their mom.

"Our mother was the most amazing, positive, spiritually driven woman in the world," Amy said.

Now the two are focused on getting their father home.

"He's doing his best to get himself better and also be there for us as a family," Amy said.

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