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WTOL Editorial: Viewer response to dirty dancing editorial

By WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon - email

Last week's editorial about dirty dancing in high school generated a lot of response, and a great deal of disagreement. Some of you felt that parents can only do so much. Here are some of those comments:

Jim thought that parents can only control so much. "Who's to say the clothes were approved by the parents? Kids have friends to borrow clothes from."

Paula said, "Can't always blame the parents, kids are gonna do what they want when the parents are not watching."

Amanda felt that "All kids…do things to defy their parents."

But others said the parents need to take control.

Like the mommy of two girls who said, "Parents need to take responsibility for how they are leaving their girls walk out of the house. "

Quite a few expressed the sentiment that "It starts with the parents."

Some viewers felt the school administrators needed to do more to control the behavior and the attire.

The important thing is that you listened and you cared enough to become involved. I appreciate your feedback, even when you disagree.

By the way, since some of you did ask, my wife and I raised a girl and a boy. They are adults now and I no longer have anything to say about how they dress or dance.

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