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Millbury volunteers sort through mementos found in the rubble

By Erica Shaffer - bio | email | Facebook

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

MILLBURY, OH (WTOL) - St. Peter's Catholic Church has become a lost and found center of personal belongings in Millbury.

Volunteers are sifting through framed photos, wedding albums and other items found in the debris of tornado damage.

It's emotional for volunteers to do it, but they say it's helping victims get a piece of their lives back that often times couldn't be replaced. In this small community, volunteers know many of the people in the pictures they're sifting through.

"We're hoping it brings a little bit of happiness for them," said one volunteer.

Another person said, "As we started doing this and started finding specific items, we started realizing that these are little glimpse into people's lives and opportunities for them to have something that belongs to a loved one or something that is a reminder of who they are."

Some items have already been returned to owners, who are thrilled to be getting back the mementos.

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