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WTOL Editorial: RIP, Ernie Harwell

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

Of all the professional sports, baseball is the one which is truly made for radio. The top announcers bring the game to you much more vividly than the endless replays and mind-numbing analysis that typifies an ESPN broadcast.

And now, one of the greats, the true voice of the Detroit Tigers, Ernie Harwell, has passed away.

I think he deserves to be remembered.

Harwell is in a select group of radio baseball announcers who become synonymous with the team. They transcend the sport by intuitively weaving the game into the very fabric of the community.

In this modern era of out-sized egos and outrageous behavior, harwell remained a gentle and calming voice. He will be missed.

I grew up listening to cleveland indians baseball games on the front porch of our small home in brook park. My tiny lime green transistor radio was made in Japan. I remember thinking how odd that was. To this day my son and I prefer to listen to Tom Hamilton on the radio while watching the Indians game with the sound off.

Baseball and radio -- an American tradition we should preserve.

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