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OH's Bureau of Criminal Investigation stats

Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Attorney General runs 3 main labs: Bowling Green, Richfield, and London

The Bowling Green lab primarily serves agencies in Northwest Ohio.
2009: BG lab served 159 law enforcement agencies
2009: BG lab handled 20,600 cases of evidence (BCI overall handled 100,000+)
2009: Overall DNA test done were 6,000-7,000
2009: Survey report compiled by Wright State University's Center for Urban and Public Affairs

1,001 people completed survey

95.9% were satisfied or very satisfied with BCI's communications regarding cases

60.9% said Crime Scene Unit is the Investigation Division's most important service

76.4% said 30 to 45 days is an acceptable turnaround time for lab results

71.9% had never used the fingerprint background check function on the Ohio Attorney General's Web site

64.5% had used the BCI laboratory's chemistry services

90.8% had used the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway search engine in the past year

2011 is the year BCI plans to repeat the survey

Source: Ohio Attorney General's Office, given to WTOL in April, 2010

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