Ohio and Tornadoes

How common are tornadoes in Ohio?  Do you have any other information about them.

The state of Ohio sees an average of 16 tornadoes each year and five people die as a result of tornadoes.   They are mostly likely to occur between 2 pm. and 10 p.m., but can occur at any time.  The peak season for Ohio is from April through July, although as we saw on November 10th, 2002 they can occur at any time.

Tornadoes are classified into three types:

Weak Tornadoes (F0/F1) - These account for 70% of all tornadoes causing less than 5% of tornado deaths.  They may last from one to ten minutes with winds speeds less than 113 mph.

Strong Tornadoes (F2/F3)- These account for 29% of all tornadoes causing nearly 30% of tornado deaths.  They may last for over 20 minutes with wind speeds from 113 mph to 206 mph.

Violent Tornadoes (F4/F5) - These account for 1% of all tornadoes causing almost 70% of tornado deaths.  They may last over one hour with wind speeds over 206 mph.

The forward speed is usually around 30 mph, but can vary widely from stationary to nearly 70 mph.  Tornadoes generally move from the southwest to northeast, but they can be unpredictable and change directions anytime.   The bottom line for safety is to all seek shelter during a tornado and never try to outrun one if your in a car.