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Toledo Area Humane Society wants to allow pit bull adoptions

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) –Pit bulls can be aggressive and their attacks can be horrifying. In fact, one pit bill is in danger of being euthanized after it mauled a girl over the weekend.

Some think pits are a vicious breed because the state says pit bulls are inherently dangerous.

Therefore, they have not been available for adoption in Lucas County, but the Lucas County Dog Warden and the Toledo Area Humane Society want to change their policies.

The Toledo Area Humane Society's Executive Director John Dinon says the agency wants to amend its adoption policy to allow pit bull adoptions. He says adoptions will not be restricted to just puppies, so if they get some adult pit bulls, those will be up for adoption if they are deemed safe.

"All of the dogs that we adopt out now are safer tested. All of the pit bulls will be safer tested.  And only pit bulls that score exceptionally well on safer tests will be considered for adoption," said Dinon.

Safer testing includes pinching a dog's paws and looking directly into its eyes. The way the dog reacts can predict aggressive behavior.

"Beyond that, we're going to do some additional dog to dog introduction, and dog to cat introduction to assess pit bulls to make sure that we're not putting out anything but the sweetest and most gentle pit bulls," said Dinon.

Potential owners will be screened by the humane society and they will perform a criminal background check and a home visit. In the home visit officials will check to make sure the home has a fence and insurance, as required by law.

The humane society's board of directors will decide whether to adopt the new policy. If approved, the humane society will only have two pit bulls available for adoption at a time and the adoption fee will be $200.

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