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Guest Editorial: Enough is enough – tear down old United Way building

by United Way President and CEO Bill Kitson

For almost ten years, United Way's Board of Trustees has struggled to figure out what to do about a half-empty, deteriorating building.

In 2008, after years of study and analysis, we announced our revitalization plan which included staying downtown, building a new building on a parking lot and demolishing our deteriorating building, replacing it with a park.

Here we are, two years later and despite numerous showing and building tours to prospective buyers, public officials, and others, the United Way has not received any offers to purchase the building.

Now, Toledo City Councilman Joe McNamara is introducing a resolution to council asking us to "pursue alternatives to demolition."

First, Mr. McNamara toured the building in 2008 and offered no solutions at the time. For him to reintroduce this at the eleventh hour is more than a little frustrating.

Second, we have already spent significant time and resources having this argument.

Meanwhile, we should be focusing our attention on issues that truly matter: education, income, and health.

We only hope our local politicians will also recognize the importance of these vital issues. And we hope you will join us as we continue our critical community work.

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