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Clyde students earn state award for cancer documentary

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CLYDE, OH (WTOL) - Students at Clyde High School are being recognized at the state level because of a documentary they made about the Cancer Cluster killing children in their community.

Journalism students entered their project in the Ohio Environmental Justice Short Video Contest.

Their story won third place.

"When you know the people that are being affected by cancer and you see them everyday and you see them as they are going through their battle with cancer, it really brings it home," Josh Marty said.

The students say at times the documentary was difficult emotionally.

"The Brown's interview ... really got to me and it was really hard to get through it," Brandon Cart said. "I teared up a couple of times."

But it was through watching the strength of people like classmate Ethan Brown, the brother of Alexa Brown, that inspired them to do their best.

Alexa lost her battle with cancer last August.

"We go to school with Ethan and everyday he's got his ribbon on for Alexa and that's really powerful to see," James Wobser said.

Even though the video placed third, the students say the true prize is that the people of Clyde will have another opportunity to have their voices heard.

"When I first joined this class I figured I would just be getting the news out to the school," Marty said. "I didn't think that I would be making a video that would actually be seen by legislators."

Mrs. Overmeyer's journalism class will be on their way to Columbus early Thursday morning to accept their award for the documentary.

They plan to use this opportunity to speak with lawmakers about more research to make sure the number of Clyde Cancer cases doesn't rise.

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