Dr. Scott's Pinball Machines

Dr. Scott's Pinball Machines
Location and Hours

1374 Conant Street
Maumee Ohio, 43537
419-897-GAME    419-897-4263

Monday through Friday 4pm - 7pm
or by appointment Saturday and Sunday
1pm to 5pm

Visit the Store in Maumee

Located at 215 Conant Street in the Uptown business district of Maumee, you can see 20 pinball games in one room. The best way to get a feel for the features you like is to come and play. We also have a variety of slot machines we can sell to Ohio residents only.

Store hours are weekdays 4 to 7 and Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5.

Make your family recreation area complete


When you walk into a room and see a pinball machine, it generates the ambiance of fun! Fun for the whole family.
Up to four players can take turns playing most games. Every home should have one. Many customers say that owning a pinball game is more fun than they could ever imagine.

So many choices

Pick a theme that fits! "Dr. Scott's" has dozens of games to choose from. Sports and movie titles are popular. Check out the LIST OF GAMES to see what name or game might jump out at you. Scroll down the list. Click on the name of the game for an information page, which will include the price and links to pictures of that particular game.

Why such a difference in prices? Like buying a car, the newer, the more bells and whistles, the more expensive. The older, the less expensive. And, at some point, depending upon the model, maybe considered a "classic" tend to go up in value. Games with strong licencing, like Star Wars, Addams Family, Twilight Zone have gone up in value in the last few years.

Inventory is changing all the time. Instead of having lots of the same game, we try to have many different games. Games come and go. Not all games are ready. If there is a game you are interested in, feel free to email me so we can discuss it.

I never know what game I'm going to find next. It might be the very game you are thinking about!

We Love Pinball

Pinball is unique. The ball is wild. No two games are ever the same. It's even more fun to compete.

Playing computer pinball games isn't the same as the real thing. Since home video systems are so good, we don't have video games. Home entertainment centers are so good, we don't have jukeboxes. So, please don't ask.

In Home Service

No, you don't bring your game to the store for repairs. "Dr. Scott" comes to your home. We service what we sell. For more information for rates and service calls CLICK HERE . We will repair your game even if you didn't buy it from "Dr. Scott".


We know pinball and how to fix them right. We stand behind the games we sell with delivery and our repair work. For detailed information about our warranty CLICK HERE .


Pinball was one thing I could do well when I was in college. I kept it as a hobby through the years. In the early 90's, I decided to open a "pinball store". I took a "how to start a small business" class at Penta, and the rest is "history". I have been in business now for 10 years. I have been tinkering with pinball for 30 years!

I am known in the pinball industry for what I do. I have been a seminar speaker at PINBALL EXPO, and will be this year as well. I was recently featured in REPLAY MAGAZINE , a major industry trade journal.