New questions arise regarding the use of guardrails in rural areas

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WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - After Shannon Seedorf, 35, lost control of her SUV and drove off into the Portage River Tuesday night and died, new questions have risen regarding the use of guardrails on rural Ohio roads.

On North River Rd., except for some small trees, there was nothing to prevent Seedorf's SUV from plunging into the river.

Residents in Pemberville and Freedom Twp. believe her life may have been saved with some extra protection.

"I know that road and it's kind of a curvy road and especially at night and with bad weather conditions, it could be an issue and I think it would just be safer to look at the potential of guardrails there," said Kristi Dubois.

North River Rd. is a county maintained road, but Freedom Twp. trustee Keith Avers told us they could at least ask for guardrail improvements.

Another trustee, Kent Schuerman, said, "We will discuss this!"

"Ideally would it be great to have guardrails along every ditch, every river, along every hazard? Absolutely," Wood Co. Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn said.

But Sheriff Wasylyshyn says it's not practical with so many areas to protect and limited funds to work with. "We cannot protect everyone from everything. And that's an unfortunate thing."

The sheriff said he always analyzes fatal crash locations to determine if some kind of safety measure is needed.

There's a poll on this issue of the homepage if you'd like to participate.

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