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Local dealers begin fixes on Toyota brake pedals

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The hits just keep on coming for Toyota Motor Company as U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is coming out strong about the Toyota recall.

"My advice is if anyone owns one of these vehicles: Stop driving it," LaHood said. "Take it to the Toyota dealer because they have the fix for it."

His comments drew some ire from Toyota dealers across the country, but LaHood later told reporters he misspoke, saying drivers shouldn't necessarily stop driving the vehicles completely but should take them in to be looked at.

As for the fix, a local Toyota dealer says it now has the piece that will repair the sticking accelerator pedals in many of its models made since 2007.

Wednesday alone, Jim White Toyota made the fix to over 30 cars. They expect the number to double up to 50 or 60 as the weekend approaches.

They received over 340 of the pieces just for this week.

General Manager Dave Wittenmyer says he expects to see 50 to 60 customers a day but that mechanics can get customers in and out quickly.

"It's always the smallest things that cause the most problems," Wittenmyer said. Describing the simple piece, not much bigger than a quarter, Wittenmyer said, "All it does is allow the pedal to slide fluidly and easily at all times without wear."

Kim Bergman drives a Toyota that falls under the pedal recall. He came in for an oil change but decided to get the addition to his pedal because, "I think it is a prudent thing to do."

Bergman says after the fix, he won't dwell on it.

"Every manufacturer has problems at one time or another and I am convinced that they are doing everything they can to resolve the situation."

Jim White Toyota says it will fix customers' cars before the cars on the lot because most of those are not under the recall.

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