Prosecutors want teen rape suspect tried as adult

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Prosecutors are hoping a judge will side with them after hearing what happened during the interrogation of a teen rape suspect Tuesday. They want the suspect to be tried as an adult and base that preference on the suspect's testimony taken during an interrogation.

In court, prosecutors proved probable cause in the case. Now, the case will go to Phase 2, which will include the suspect's social history.

The tape of the aforementioned interrogation was played in court and in it, the suspect says he saw the victim walking, approached her from behind, put a scissors to her throat and raped her on the sidewalk. He said he then stole her cell phone.

TAPE/KILBURN: Do you know why you're here today?


KILBURN: Tell me why.

SUSPECT: Because I walked up behind a girl, grabbed her around her neck, then raped her.

The teen says he left Start High School early and that he didn't have his house key so he walked around the neighborhood. That's when he told investigators he spotted a 26-year-old woman and put a scissors to her throat.

TAPE/KILBURN: Did you ever see this lady before?

SUSPECT: No. KILBURN: Did you know she's mentally handicapped?


TAPE/KILBURN: You grabbed her by the neck, you said?


And then what happens?

SUSPECT: I told her to pull down her pants.

He said she told him to stop, but that he didn't, even when a passing driver honked his horn.

TAPE/KILBURN: I'm sorry?

SUSPECT: I did it to her. And then after I got done, I took her phone and I left.

TAPE/KILBURN: How do you know how to have sex? You're how old? 15?

SUSPECT? Yes. KILBURN: How long have you been having sex?

SUSPECT: Since 12.

He said he gave the victim's cell phone to his girlfriend and planned to change the number. He then agreed to write the victim a letter of apology.

The rape took place in January in west Toledo.

Whether or not the suspect will be tried as an adult will be determined largely by the suspect's social history, including his sexual history. He said he started having sex at age 12.

The 15-year-old's family along with the victim's parents were in the courtroom to witness the proceedings.

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