Toledo Toyota dealers prepare to service recalled vehicles

By Joe Stoll - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Thanks to a recent recall, Toyota dealerships in the area are preparing for the rush of cars they're expecting to fix.

The problem necessitating the recall is that accelerator pedals have been known to stick. Indeed, 20 people have died nationwide because of the problem.

To fix the affected vehicles, mechanics will put a metal shim in the brake pedal assembly to lessen the friction believed to have caused some accelators to stick.

At Jim White Toyota on Central Avenue, they haven't had any customers complain about their gas pedals sticking. Still, Dave Wittenmyer who works there says they'll be opening their service bay doors to every Toyota owner.

"It just doesn't look like a big deal," Wittenmyer said. "It looks like something we can do quickly and get the customer back on the road with complete confidence."

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