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WTOL Editorial: Help 'brand' northwest Ohio

There's a new group in town that wants you to help brand northwest Ohio.

Basically, a brand is what people think when they think of your product or service. Or, in this case, what comes to mind when you think of northwest Ohio. For example, I'd say we have an amazing source of clean water, lakefront property, rivers, fertile soil, nice neighborhoods, great recreation areas, very little traffic and plenty of room to grow. But I bet not too many people outside of here know that.

You can say what you think by attending a focus group or by going online and completing a questionnaire at www.ToledoRegionStory.com

I think you should shake off the winter blahs and become a brand builder. All it takes is a little effort and a belief that better days are ahead for northwest Ohio. The right brand could position our region as a place of growth and promise. It will be a lot more fun to live here if that's true.

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