Your Day: Thursday, January 21

Identity Theft: We have all heard the scary stories surrounding indentity theft. On today's show we learned some techniques on how to prevent it. Click Here for more information.

Reel Talk w/Ryan Rummel: Your Day's resident movie guru made an appearance on today's show. Ryan Rummel offered his thoughts on the new action thriller , "The Book of Eli" starring Denzel Washington. To read more about this movie, including Ryan's blog Click Here.

Pinewood Derby: All of you boyscouts out there know what it takes to make that perfect pinewood derby car. On today's show we had boycouts from the glass city come into the studio to offer up some tips and tricks on making the fastest pinewood car around!  Click Here for more information.

Comedian Costaki Economopolous: Funnyman Costaki Economopolous is headlining the entertainment this weekend at The Funny Bone in Perrysburg's Levis Commons. Costaki's humor has been described as smart, pointed, hip, sharp, insightful, socially relevant, and gut-laugh funny. You may have even heard him during guest appearances on the Bob & Tom Show. Click Here for more information on Costaki Economopolous including showtimes and ticket information for this weekend's performances.