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Toledo Police: 15-yr-old confesses to rape of autistic woman

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police say a 15-year-old suspect confessed  to raping a 26-year-old autistic woman Monday on Royalton near Lyman in west Toledo.

Police say they identified and arrested the suspect from information provided by the victim and from passing drivers who called 911.

The teen admitted leaving Start High School early, police say. He told police he was walking home and attacked the woman on the sidewalk around 2:30 p.m. He threatened her with scissors, pushed her to her knees and, when she resisted his commands, the teen says he raped her.

"We asked him what his motivation was, or the reason for it," said Toledo Police Sgt. Sam Harris. "He couldn't provide a legitimate answer. He said he had the scissors with him, not planning the attack. He had them for protection from other people in the neighborhood and at school. He'd seen the girl walking down the street and just decided he was going to rape her."

The suspect's juvenile record shows charges of running away and being unruly. Because of the limited juvenile record as well as his age, prosecutors don't know if they'll try to certify him as an adult.

Prosecutors say that most sex offenders in the juvenile system receive probation without jail time.

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