Toledo group stepping up service to Haiti

By Rob Wiercinski - bio | email

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A Toledo charity group is working on plans to step up its operations in Haiti.

HUT (Helping, Understanding, Teaching) Outreach already has an established operation in Haiti, and it's looking to intensify its mission on the heels of the devasting earthquake.

Nicole Coulter, one of the directors of HUT, adopted two children from Haiti and, as a registered nurse, is hoping to return there as soon as possible.

"I'm hoping to be available," Coulter said. "I speak Creole which is the language they speak down there. I've worked on medical teams before so I'm hoping to help whereever I can."

HUT Outreach has converted an old hotel into a youth and community center in the town of Les Cayes, Haiti

"Even our friends in Les Cayes, 120 miles from where the earthquake hit, are devastated. It's devastated the whole country," Coulter said.

The group is sending money there as fast as it comes in, Coulter says.

"We're getting money there through Western Union. Our team already has money that they're working with to buy food supplies so we can provide for people who come to the center. Many of them are wounded and they're going to need help."

Jim Stanton also serves on the HUT Outreach board.

"We're hearing reports the hospitals in that area are already full so people are going to need a place for ongoing care," Stanton said.

He says what their group needs most is cash donations. "Everything that used to come into Haiti has stopped right now. We have to do what we can to get to these outlying areas."

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