GREAT VIEW--Toledo's tallest building to host WTOL One SeaGate cam

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email 

Posted by Kate Oatis - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - News 11 engineers are working to set a camera up on top of One SeaGate, the tallest building in Toledo. 

Not easy. You have to take the equipment, which is pretty heavy, up 32 stories. That's why we got four starting seniors on the University of Toledo football team to help us.

They had to get 16, 75-pound bricks (to anchor the camera on windy days) and an endless supply of ladders, pipes and wires. All of it had to be taken up 500 feet to the top of the building.

But it isn't as simple as an elevator ride. After the 29th floor, you have to take the stairs -- four flights, to be exact.

It all pays off when you see the view. Incredible -- and a stunning addition to our SkyTrack 11 camera network.

"You certainly can see Put-In Bay," said General Manager Bob Chirdon. "You can look out and see all out onto the lake as far as you can to the North. It looks like you can see forever from up there. It's great."

Expect to see the One Seagate cam on the air later this week, thanks, in large part, to our helpful -- and really strong -- UT helpers.

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