Bryan residents react to recent homicide

BRYAN, OH (WTOL) - People in Bryan are dealing with a murder, the small town's first in more than 60 years.

Police found 91-year-old Grace Kennedy dead in her home at 407 John Street Wednesday night.

Bryan police say Kennedy's home was locked up when officers found her. The Williams County coroner says it's obvious she didn't die of natural causes, not giving specifics but waiting until toxicology tests come back to rule on her death.

Linda Piper lives across the street from Kennedy's house. She says she heard a truck drive away the night in question but "we didn't check anything out. Now I kind of wish we had. I feel a little guilty about that."

A man who lives a couple doors down claims he was Kennedy's boyfriend but couldn't comment on the case.

Mary Abate, a nearly lifelong resident of Bryan, says it's frightening to think police don't have anyone in custody.

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The coroner says the last homicide in Bryan happened back in 1948.