Your Day: Thursday, December 24

Comedian Chilli Challis: Comedian Chilli Challis is headlining the entertainment this weekend at the Funny Bone inside Perrysburg's Levis Commons. Chilli stopped by the show today to offer up his special blend of humor. For tickets and showtimes for this weekend's performances at the Funny Bone, Click Here.

Regina Lewis: Everyone loves Christmas cards, but how do we keep the tradition alive without letting it get boring. We spoke with consumer advisor Regina Lewis about this topic. Click Here for more information

Reel Talk w/Ryan Rummel: What is your favorite Christmas movie? We brought in Your Day's resident Movie Guru Ryan Rummel to breakdown the best Christmas movies of all time. Click Here to see how your favorite movie ranked, plus read Ryan's blog.

Christmas Tree Talk: Did you know that your Christmas tree can tell a lot about your personality? One online blog seems to think that is the case. We took a look for ourselves. Click Here to see how your personality comes out in the way you decorate your tree.